Superb Sourdough

Garlic Potato Sourdough Loaf from The Breadery

Garlic Potato Sourdough Loaf from The Breadery

Yesterday I walked into The Breadery and saw this beautiful Garlic Potato Sourdough loaf sitting on the shelf.  I was told it had been a year since these loaves were last baked, that only four were baked, two had already been reserved by employees, and that the loaves were still warm.  Sounded like a no-brainer to me, so I quickly canceled my order and purchased this loaf instead.

Driving home, the smell was out of this world.  I tempered my expectations the whole trip back; the bread could not possibly taste as good as it smelled.  Once home, I couldn’t wait any longer.  Getting out the bread knife would just take too long.  I tore a piece off.  The crust crackled and, as I pulled away, the bread felt like a pillow between my fingers.  Well-made crusty bread, when still warm, has an indescribable, almost paradoxical, pliability.  This bread hit all the right notes: crusty, soft, warm, chewy, tangy, with a hint of garlic and chunks of potatoes.

Bread Interior

I did get the bread knife out eventually.

I ate the warm bread simply dipped in olive oil.  Later, I assembled a sandwich with items from my pantry and fridge.  I spread hummus on two toasted slices, between which I layered chopped parsley, sliced olives, crumbled feta cheese, and thick tomato slices.  The hummus was homemade, the parsley was from our garden, and the tomato was from the Woodlawn Farmers Market.  The canned green California olives, canned black California olives, and imported sheep’s milk Greek feta were all from Trader Joe’s in Pikesville.  This feta, sold as a block, is excellent — not like the overly tangy, salty, and dry domestic varieties.  These olives aren’t the best, however, but are packed in mildly salted water and don’t have that harsh vinegar-y, salty taste most people associate with olives.  Unfortunately, the black olives do contain a preservative.

Sandwich Assembly

Don’t you love when colorful ingredients all work together?

So what should you do?  First, call The Breadery and ask what day they’ll be baking this bread (or another specialty sourdough.)  Second, call early on that day and ask when the bread will come out of the oven.  Finally, get there within a half hour of that time, optionally bring some spread or dip, sit outside, and enjoy.

The Breadery
418 Oella Avenue
Catonsville, MD 21228
(410) 203-2221
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