Last Week’s Catch

It’s Wednesday again and you know what that means: Farmers Market day in Catonsville.  Last week was the first time in more than a year the vibe at the market rivaled the Sunday Catonsville Farmers Market.  Here’s a look back at what I picked up last week.

Catonsville Wednesday Farmers Market July 25, 2012

Last week’s purchases at Catonsville’s Wednesday Farmers Market.

Working clockwise: Maple syrup and maple cream from Patterson Farms; peach “seconds” from Wilson’s Farm Market; white onions and white corn from Deep Run Farms; apples, kung pao peppers, jalapenos, Sun Gold cherry tomatoes, yellow corn (barely visible behind eggplant), red bell pepper, and Asian eggplant from Swamp Fox Farms; fresh mozzarella via Neopol Savory Smokery; assorted larger grape tomatoes, Sun Gold cherry tomatoes, and sweet red peppers from Glenville Hollow Farms.

Peach Cobbler

Peach cobbler made with “seconds”.Peach Tart Peach tart made with “seconds”.

Unfortunately, last week was the only visit from Patterson Farms this year.  Their maple cream, being a perishable item, is frozen before coming to the market.  (Here on ABC, we are full disclosure when it comes to refrigeration and freezing.)  With the peaches, I made a peach cobbler and a peach tart.  Recipes will hopefully follow in later posts.  The white corn was great as always; Deep Run Farms actually picks the corn early in the morning right before coming to the market.  The apples taste similar to McIntosh apples and I believe are called “Red Freeze”, although I could easily have misheard that with the crowds.  The kung pao peppers were easily used in Pakistani food and the Sun Golds were sweet as could be.  Update: The yellow corn from Swamp Fox, sadly, was a modified variety.  The large grape tomatoes didn’t have much flavor last week, but usually those are excellent.  I purchased extra Sun Golds from Glenville Hollow because they are pesticide-free and Babycupcake eats them like candy.

Well, it’s already past opening.  Why am I still sitting here?  Time to run to the market…

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