Red Mango, Red Mango, I call ORIGINAL over!

Yesterday I ate out for lunch and dinner; I was being indulgent.  I didn’t want to miss out trying Red Mango because I wouldn’t be working again in Howard County for awhile.  After lunch I finally had a chance to go to Red Mango in Clarksville, MD.  It is a self-serve frozen yogurt parlor that opened in Howard County on June 14, 2012.

There were two young ladies working there, and at lunch time they were not very busy.  I tried two flavors: mango and pomegranate.  Those flavors were tangy and had decent fruit flavor.  I ended up getting mostly the Original frozen yogurt, which was by far my favorite.  I also added some vanilla bean without tasting it first (that was a mistake on my part.)  I always get drawn into the self-service trickery of wanting to fill my cup to the brim, even though I don’t need to.  I wasn’t too impressed with the vanilla.  I enjoyed the original flavor yogurt with mochi and raspberries, my favorite yogurt combo sans blackberries.  The mochi was fresh and it did not have that old, floury taste that plagues mochi at run-of-the-mill yogurt shops.  My yogurt totaled $4.31.  My companion got the chocolate yogurt with almonds and his totaled $2.61.  I went a bit crazy with toppings and needlessly adding the vanilla yogurt, so I could have been easily satisfied with less.

I definitely feel Red Mango’s product is superior to most other frozen yogurts in the area.  (I’m strictly comparing Original flavors here.)  It has a fresher taste, smoother finish, and more yogurt-like texture than others like MangoBerry, Tutti Frutti, Sweet Frog, etc.  And although their yogurt does unfortunately contain preservatives and gums — and although their yogurt isn’t made on-site — I did confirm from the Clarksville location that the yogurt mix arrives in liquid form and is not a powder like at many other yogurt shops.

I went shopping at the Giant next door earlier that morning and had two coupons for $2.00 off a $10.00 purchase at Red Mango printed on the back of my receipt.  So if you are going with a big group, planning to fill up, or just because you’re Pakistani, you might want to consider purchasing a banana or something at Giant and save a couple bucks with the coupon(s) printed on the back of your receipt.

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