Cheapest place to buy milk around Catonsville

The cheapest whole milk gallon I’ve found is the GV brand for $2.71 at the Catonsville Wal-Mart.  (In general, though, the Ellicott City Wal-Mart is more likely to have items in stock.)  If, like me, you don’t always need to purchase a gallon, I purchased a half gallon for $1.64 a couple days back.  I did a double take; that’s the cheapest I’ve seen for a half gallon in a long time.

Walmart price for half gallon of milk

Walmart price for half gallon of milk

Other good deals: Fat Free (Skim) milk at Rite Aid (Security Blvd and Rolling Road) goes for $2.99. The Pikesville Trader Joe’s has whole milk gallons for $3.19.  I’ll record prices at Aldi’s and Wegman’s in the future.  (Table with updated prices below.)

I find it odd that some places charge less for Skim/1%/2% (how it should be) — like Rite Aid and Wegmans — while others charge the same for all the milk types — like Trader Joe’s and Wal-Mart.  Of course, this post is just about the lowest price, not about quality.


Store Type Price Date
Wal-Mart All Gallon 2.71 2/20/16
All 1/2 Gallon 1.64 2/20/16
Trader Joe’s All Gallon 3.19 2/20/16
Rite Aid (Security Blvd) Skim/FF Gallon 2.99 2/20/16
Wegman’s (Hunt Valley) Skim/FF Gallon 2.54 2/28/16
Whole Gallon 2.77 2/28/16
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