Best of Wegman’s: Pickles

Grillo's PicklesOnce the markets died down, I used to be in pickle purgatory.  Now I can’t wait to have an excuse to stock up on these.  Not only are these pickles one of the best items at Wegman’s, Grillo’s Pickles are best in class, period.  I even prefer these over any I’ve found at local farmer’s markets.  Grillo’s Pickles are not shelf stable, however.  You’ll have to dedicate refrigerator space.

As my food obsessions grows, finding quality replacements for condiments has proven arduous. In my book, tuna and Reuben sandwiches call for chips and a pickle.  (I won’t reveal the other embarrassing pickle combos I consume.)  I came across Grillo’s just by chance at the Columbia Wegman’s and couldn’t believe my eyes.  Ingredients lists for pickles had always let me down before.

Simple ingredientsThere’s no calcium chloride, citric acid, ascorbic acid, natural flavors, etc.  The regular dill and hot dill varieties list exactly what goes into the brine.  No gimmicks, nothing.  The bread and butter variety, however, do have one mystery ingredient — namely “spices”.  I’m assuming it really is just a blend of spices.   Both the Columbia and Hunt Valley locations stock all three approved varieties.

But all that means nothing if they don’t taste fresh, clean, and crisp.  And they do.  The only drawback is the price: $7 for the 32oz regular/hot “Italian Dill Spears” and $5 for the 16oz “Bread & Butter”.  That’s about what we pay at the farmer’s markets, though.  You’ll find Grillo’s Pickles in an aisle refrigerator close to the wall refrigerator where Wegman’s stocks their butter.

20160306_214122 20160306_214133

20160228_223700 20160228_223711


Store Type Price Date
Wegman’s Hunt Valley Italian Dill Spears (Regular) 6.99 3/6/16
Italian Dill Spears (Hot) 6.99 3/6/16
Bread & Butter 4.99 3/6/16
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