Best of Trader Joe’s: Salsa

Trader Joe’s Double Roasted Salsa is the best supermarket salsa I have found. My favorite used to be Pico Planet Salsa made right here in Catonsville. Since Pico Planet bit the dust, I searched everywhere for a replacement. At Trader Joe’s, specifically, I tried every salsa multiple times.

The rest taste like a boring canned product to me. No freshness, no zip. It’s probably no coincidence the ingredients for TJ’s Double Roasted Salsa are simple. You won’t find citric acid or calcium chloride here. This salsa is a mild salsa, and I would prefer a hot one, but it’s a small compromise for a product of this quality.

Salsa Ingredients

My only criticism:  Some batches have a bit too much cumin.  I often eat my chips with sliced avocado, so even in those cases the cumin doesn’t taste overpowering.  This always makes me think, “Why do different batches taste different?. ”  Maybe they order cumin from different vendors, some with stronger cumin then others.  Or maybe they buy a big tub of cumin that’s strong when they first open it, but mellows as they keep using it.  Or maybe the other ingredients, depending on the time of the year or from which vendor they are sourced, vary in flavor.  I hope one day I figure out who actually makes this salsa for Trader Joe’s and then I can ask them!

At the Pikesville location, the salsas are across from the free coffee and samplings booth. Face the “New Items” shelf and look to your left. Trader Joe’s has a truly no-fuss return policy, so don’t be afraid to sample another salsa that looks good to you. And while you’re there, you might want to try my favorite supermarket tortilla chips.


Store Type Price Date
Trader Joe’s Pikesville Double Roasted Salsa 2.49 2/25/16
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