Best of Wal-Mart: Pepperoncini (Fefferoni)

Papa John's style

Homemade garlic sauce: crushed garlic sauteed in butter, olive oil, and salt

I’ve been in love with pepperoncini every since my first Papa John’s pizza in college.    Finding pepperoncini without citric acid, preservatives, and food coloring in recent years has proved impossible.  Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these pepper at the Ellicott City Wal-Mart last month.  While technically not pepperoncini, the flavor is close enough. Now I can enjoy my pizza like the good ‘ol days, with pickled peppers and (homemade) garlic sauce!

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Dobrova Mild Feferoni

If you believe some information online, you’d think you couldn’t buy a quality brined product without citric acid and ascorbic acid.  Well, I don’t know if it’s correlation or causation, but avoiding those seemingly benign ingredients always turns up gems for me.  Guess what?  If you start with great peppers, all you need is water, salt, and vinegar.

As an added fun bonus, these peppers are imported from Bosnia.  Beware, I haven’t found these in the Catonsville store.  Now you, too, can make a pepper sandwich from your pizza crust… and dip it in garlic sauce.  That was probably too much information.

How to eat pizza crust


Store Product Price Date
Wal-Mart Ellicott City Dobrova Mild Feferoni 2.62 2/16/16
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