LAMILL it over

I had a chance to visit Lamill Coffee in Harbor East yesterday with, ironically, a recent Los Angeles transplant moving back to her hometown.  She had never heard of the original Lamill Coffee in Alhambra, a suburb of the City of Angels.  I’d been looking forward to eating the creations of pastry chef Chris Ford for quite some time.  Chris is the head pastry chef of Wit and Wisdom and his team supplies Lamill.  He was recently named among the “Best Pasty Chefs 2012” by Continue reading

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Red Mango, Red Mango, I call ORIGINAL over!

Yesterday I ate out for lunch and dinner; I was being indulgent.  I didn’t want to miss out trying Red Mango because I wouldn’t be working again in Howard County for awhile.  After lunch I finally had a chance to go to Red Mango in Clarksville, MD.  It is a self-serve frozen yogurt parlor that opened in Howard County on June 14, 2012. Continue reading

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B & O American Brasserie

Tonight, I headed out of the comforts of Catonsville into the blacktop-paved, cobblestone streets of Baltimore to visit the B&O American Brasserie.  My one misgiving of going out to eat in Baltimore is always parking.  I parked across the street (on N. Charles Street), which is paid meter parking from Mon-Fri 8 to 4pm and Sat 8 to 6.  I arrived at the restaurant at 7ish, so I didn’t have to pay any parking costs, and it was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from my car. Continue reading

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Secret of the Second Sunday Market

Not far from Catonsville, just down Frederick Road in historic Ellicott City, a secret market is held on the second Sunday of summer months.  (That’s today for the month of August.)  If Baltimore was a fancy place like Manhattan or London, this market might be termed “pop-up” or “flashmob”.  However, in this town, an apt moniker like Second Sunday Market will do just fine. Continue reading

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Last Week’s Catch

It’s Wednesday again and you know what that means: Farmers Market day in Catonsville.  Last week was the first time in more than a year the vibe at the market rivaled the Sunday Catonsville Farmers Market.  Here’s a look back at what I picked up last week. Continue reading

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Superb Sourdough

Garlic Potato Sourdough Loaf from The Breadery

Garlic Potato Sourdough Loaf from The Breadery

Yesterday I walked into The Breadery and saw this beautiful Garlic Potato Sourdough loaf sitting on the shelf.  I was told it had been a year since these loaves were last baked, that only four were baked, two had already been reserved by employees, and that the loaves were still warm.  Sounded like a no-brainer to me, so I quickly canceled my order and purchased this loaf instead. Continue reading

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